Vision & Mission

Al Murad Group vision is to be the leader in emerging and international markets and make complete use of all the opportunities to deliver quality in every sphere of business. Al Murad Group wants to be synonymous with best-in-class, superlative and unmatched group of companies.


  • Investing in great ideas and opportunities to increase value over a long term period.
  • Building long term relationship with our business associates.
  • Professionalism combined with a nurturing and ethical environment.
  • Developing a corporate social responsibility program that gives contribution to community high priority.
  • Establishing an enterprising culture to attract top local and international talents.
  • Maintaining a work environment that is employee friendly.


We believe that competitiveness is one of our strongest traits. That is the reason we strive to be leaders in all the business sectors we operate. We are trusted by our customers and the community because of our practice of returning to the society. Customers and quality delivered are of high importance to us and we live to serve you. We are determined in keeping our high quality service constant.

Core Vales

We are a group that firmly believes in our values and are known to be “values-driven”. These values continue to direct the ever climbing growth chart of Al Murad Group of companies.

Success Starts Here


We give priority to our customers and make sure we treat them with respect and are honest and thoroughly professional with everyone we communicate. Our products, services and solutions are developed keeping you in mind.


We believe in building a world that is the perfect blend of age old values and new age technologies for an unmatched experience and a seamless future. Deep knowledge of our customers and unmatched expertise in the field keeps us on the forefront.


Being dependable is one of our strongest suits, we always keep our promises. We try our best to keep our customers satisfied and take full responsibility for our actions along with taking care of our customers’ needs.


We are not only transparent but also fair and honest in our dealings. We have a direct approach towards everyone we interact with. We encourage diversity in thought and point of view.


It is important to us that we deliver excellence in every project we take up. We create value for everyone who is part of Al Murad Group, directly or indirectly.


Coming together as one is the key factor of our success, teamwork is vital. It is the work of a team that goes behind delivering or meeting business goals.