Channel4 Radio Network

Channel4 Radio Network was launched in June 1997 and will always be remembered as the first ever commercial radio network, in the United Arab Emirates.

That was only the first step in creating a phenomenal network to reach out to a diverse and large audience. Channel 4 Radio Network banks on innovation and effectiveness as the key to their business.

We give our listeners an opportunity to interact with us across all platforms and make their voices heard. We have been accorded the highest listenership ratings with a combined audience of 4 million+. We offer you unrivalled access to commercial radio.

We always strive to make radio an effective mode of communication and build a solid future for the radio industry in the region. It is with this goal that our channels have sustained through the years.

Hugely personal, vibrant and engaging with a quality output, we feature the most dynamic presenters who add their infectious touch to our brand.

Tune in on-air, on-line, across our mobile apps to hear how we are forever changing the sound of commercial radio & audience engagement across with our stations.

Our radio stations include prominent brands such as:

An English language popular music station.

A GCC station with strong UAE national focus.

A Hindi language contemporary Hits music station.

A Malayalam music station with focus on news and information.

Channel4 Radio Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ajman Independent Studios LLC, and is growing into a large network nurtured by good content and interaction.